Keaton's "Sekrit" Proposal

The Sekrit Theater in Austin is one of my favorite places for sessions, even though I don't get much opportunity to photograph there. It is especially captivating during golden hour which is when I typically suggest booking at that location, but it is stunningly romantic at night around the greenhouse.

That leads me to an incredibly adorable proposal story at the Sekrit Theater one beautiful October night.

The Venue

The Sekrit Theater is a beautiful venue/ photography location in east Austin. The Sekrit Theater is actually located in a quiet neighborhood and is someone's over an

acre large property that they rent out for events and photography. What makes it extra fun is that from the street you have no idea all of the wonder that is hidden behind the residence. It is full of vintage props like an old Ford truck, converted 70s school bus, and antique rickshaw. It also has beautiful rustic structures such as a gazebo, New Orleans style porch, and their most iconic staple piece... the greenhouse!

(If you are looking for a nice location that screams "Austin's quirkiness" for your proposal, engagement photos, or wedding venue, I would highly recommend checking them out.)

Meet Keaton & Calli!

Aren't they adorable?! Whats even more adorable is their relationship story. These two met in high school, although they went to neighboring schools. (I learned that when I asked them to do what I call the "flirting at the lockers" pose, and Calli said "we didn't really get to do that when we were dating.")

They started dating at age 15. Their relationship survived through high school, college, and beyond. They are the perfect poster of high school sweethearts. And they are both absolute sweethearts in personality as well. Their presence surrounds you in joy and excitement.

After being together for 10 years, Keaton was ready and excited to reach the next milestone in his relationship with Calli.

The Proposal

Keaton contacted me a few weeks before he and Calli were planning a weekend in Austin to celebrate their anniversary. When he mentioned they were going to decorate the greenhouse at the secret theater and surprise her one night I knew it was going to be a beautiful moment!

I arrived early to help get everything in place. Their families were there, having driven into town to help put this amazing proposal together, and they did an amazing job decorating the space with beautiful personal touches.

Keaton helped Calli over the cobblestone and steps leading toward the greenhouse as she kept her eyes closed. I did my best to wait quietly around the corner, hoping to not give anything away as they got into position for the big reveal. The moment she opened her eyes you could see the happy tears well up. And I can't lie that I also got misty eyed when I saw how excited and loved she felt in that moment. And just to ease your suspense... she ecstatically said yes!!

This was a session that I did earlier on in my photography career and it was the moment that being a photographer meant more than just taking pretty pictures at a nice location. I truly felt like part of the celebration with this family. After an hour of documenting the moment with family pictures, portraits with Keaton and Calli, and the details of all the intricate decorations they put together, I received hugs from the couple and family before we all headed out. What I didn't realize I would love so much about photography before I made it my profession, was how amazing it is to be a part of these joyous moments. I am surrounded by love and excitement all the time and it is so up lifting. I left feeling like I was wishing my friends great things for their future.

Thank you Keaton & Calli for trusting me to capture this moment, and being a beautiful reminder of why I love my job!

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