An elegant Stonehouse Villa wedding.

This is a wedding I had been anticipating for over a year. I knew it would be a stunning wedding day, and I also knew my heart would be there with them in the ceremony. See, I met Kate and Jacob back in May of 2022, when Jacob asked if I could capture the moment he proposed to Kate on a beautiful afternoon picnic in Zilker Park. I had the pleasure of seeing Kate excitedly say yes to Jacob and immediately witnessed how loving and caring they were towards each other.

From there I had the honor of taking their engagement photos at the picturesque Zilker Botanical Gardens. I even got the chance to meet their handsome doggo named Charlie (who was adorably represented in their wedding cake topper), for a "family" mini-session when he gave them a little health scare. (Luckily the sweet boy is happy and healthy now.)

As you can imagine, by the time their wedding came around this weekend, it felt like I was seeing my friends get married. I cried when I saw Jacob's reaction to Kate walking down the aisle, I laughed with their family and friends. and then teared up again hearing the beautiful words from their parent's toasts. I was right to assume their wedding day was going to be absolutely amazing. The venue was a dream, the decor was perfectly thought out, the attire was flawless, the vintage Rolls Royce get away car was a classy touch, but what made the day the most amazing was the two of them.

Kate & Jacob... Cheers, to a long and happy marriage, and may you always remember the love and joy you felt on this day!