A springtime wedding at Reunion Ranch.

When I arrived to Reunion Ranch in Georgetown, TX on a rainy afternoon and a forecast of rain for the entire day, my brain was in "in door wedding day" mode. I was looking for every cute corner and covered outdoor portion to their Saddlecreek Crossing reception hall (of which there were many) and I even brought my clear umbrella incase we wanted to get a few rainy day portraits after the ceremony.

We knew one of the biggest hopes for Hannah and Cody was to include horses in their wedding as it was a big part of their lives together. But Hannah wasn't stressing. she was keeping an eye out on the weather radar and felt confident that it was all going to work out. And wouldn't you know it, after about 40 min the rain stopped and was clear for the rest of their wedding day! This was incredibly exciting for me as it was my first time incorporating horses into newlywed portraits and Holy WOW it was amazing! (Like can we go ahead and make this mandatory for every wedding? Haha.) What made it even better was Hannah and Cody's love for each other. They have a calming and almost stoic presence about them. They stand by each other confidently, but the more I photographed them together I could see those gentle romantic moments with each other. And the jokes they would quietly share between them to make each other laugh. Some of my favorite captures of the day were the ones where they sang to each other during their dances. My heart melts in those moments.

Between us getting lucky with the weather, the sweet and beautiful horses, the stunning spotlight dances during the reception, and their amazing family and friends, this wedding day was an absolute dream!!

Reunion Ranch
Saddlecreek Crossing wedding venue
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Dash the horse
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