A look at 5 beautiful wedding venues great for light and airy photography.

Have you just started your wedding planning process and realizing there is an abundance of amazing wedding venues all over the Central Texas area? It's not too surprising once you've heard that Dripping Springs, TX is the "wedding capital" of the USA. Hill country around Central Texas gives us some of the most breathtaking scenic wedding venues around. So here are 5 wedding venues to check out outside of Dripping Springs that make for great bright, bold, and airy type photos if that is the vibe you are looking for on your wedding day.

couple in field at Stonehouse Villa
venue #1

Stonehouse Villa

Located in Driftwood, TX, this venue consists of a romantic stone house built in 1923, an outdoor ceremony area, and a large modern reception hall with large beautiful windows showcasing the rolling hills and pastures. It's a stunning mix of both elegance and hints of rustic charm. This venue is great if you are going for a timeless, glamourous, or modern wedding style.

What makes this venue great for bright photography? The interiors of both the stone house and reception hall are bright whites and soft greys. (which also offers a blank slate for whatever colors you choose for your decor.) The outdoor ceremony area has shade and protection at the altar, but otherwise allows for sunlight to fill the space, with several scenic photo spots surrounding the venue itself.

Stonehouse Villa entrance
Stonehouse Villa wedding dress
Stonehouse Villa Reception Hall
Stonehouse Villa reception hall windows
groom getting ready at Stonehouse Villa
maid of honor putting veil on bride
tree lanterns at Stonehouse Villa
Alter at Stonehouse Villa
wedding ceremony at Stonehouse Villa
ceremony entrance at Stonehouse Villa
wedding altar Stonehouse Villa
Wedding at Stonehouse Villa
Stonehouse Villa wedding party
wedding party walking
large groom party sitting on steps
bride and groom sitting on steps
field behind Stonehouse Villa
wedding portrait at Stonehouse Villa entrance
wedding couple
couple in reception hall of Stonehouse Villa
wedding first dance at Stonehouse Villa
wedding reception dancing
venue #2

Featherstone Ranch

Featherstone Ranch is located in the heart of wine country in Stonewall, TX. Tucked away behind what feels like a small forest, you will find a grand reception hall with stone and dark wood accents, as well as an open air chapel, and if you're lucky you will catch a glimpse of the cows in the pasture next door.

The open air chapel is an absolute dream! It is a bright space with double barn doors on the front and towering stained glass windows as an eye catching backdrop to your ceremony. I have seen people dress the chapel up with stunning florals, but it is such a show stopper on it's own that you can easily keep the decor simple.

venue #3

Texas Old Town

Texas Old Town is located in Kyle, TX and actually includes 4 separate wedding spaces: Sage Hall, Redbud Hall, Tejas Hall, and Stone Hall. Each had a slightly different feel, but all lean towards the country vibes. You're going to see more natural wood accents in both the ceremony spaces and throughout the different reception halls.

They also have cute landscape moments with waterfalls and creeks here and there that make for great photo backdrops. The open air ceremony spaces surrounded by trees bring in a lot of soft light. There is a reason why Texas Old Town is such a popular wedding venue for the Austin, TX area! (The images below were taken at Redbud Hall)

venue #4

The Wildflower Barn

The Wildflower Barn out in Driftwood, TX really is something special. There is a whimsical feel to it, but can also cater to a rustic wedding with it's barn reception hall. Like Texas Old Town, it had more than one ceremony and reception area. One is called the Bluebonnet Barn, and the other is the Meadow Barn. It is one of those venues that is tucked way on a winding backroad.

The Wildflower Barn is actually owned by two former wedding photographers, and they build their venue with photography in mind. The layout is sectioned off by trees giving wonderful moments of shade and tree framed trails. At night the forest is lit up by string lights, giving to an ultra romantic photo op. (The images below were taken at Meadow Barn.)

venue #5

McKinney Roughs Nature Park

This venue is a little different. It is located in Bastrop, TX and is part of a nature preserve. The benefit of this is having a VAST outdoor area to take photos in. That means blooms during the spring, and tall grass fields in the fall. The ceremony space is outdoors, and if you plan it during golden hour, you will see the sun setting behind the altar with a delicate glow.

Inside the reception hall there are crisp white walls and a white tan stone fireplace as the focal point. Every wall is filled with windows, bringing in a lot of natural light as the party begins. If you are a lover of nature, and want something a little different than your typical wedding venue, out in hill country, this is a great location to check out!

I hope this post gave you a solid place to start in your search for the perfect wedding venue for your day. As a "Bright & Bold" style photographer, I am basing my opinions on the hidden gem venues that have worked best with my photography style. And if you happen to like the photography in this post, I'd love to chat about your wedding photography needs!

Happy Planning!


Sierra Marie