A Featherstone Ranch Wedding

Skye and Angie are one of those couples that fascinate me. They are both incredibly intelligent, accomplished, compassionate, and fun. They both have doctorates in their respective fields, which relate to their shared love of animals. Seeing them together on their wedding day, and hearing the stories of them together during the ceremony and toasts... they are perfect for each other!

Their wedding day was absolutely stunning, tucked away in the country side os Stonewall, TX. The Featherstone Ranch has a beautiful, bright, open aired chapel with colorful stained glass. It looked so elegant with their shades of blue and wildflower bouquets. Oh, and did I mention there was am owl? Yup, a great horned owl served as their ring bearer for the ceremony. Such an amazing and unique addition that I'm sure will be memorable for all of the guests that day!

wedding invitation flat lay
wedding dress hanging from barn
wedding lace and tulle train
wedding rose gold jewelry
engagement rings
wedding bands in creme velvet ring box
wedding shoes
wedding lacy heel shoes
tiffany blue tie
wedding shoes women's loafers
navy blue pump heels
blue women's suit jacket
jellyfish blue women's suit lining
women putting blue heels on
braided wedding hair