A St. William Catholic Church wedding in Round Rock, TX.

Amy and Martin had a beautiful and inspirational winter wedding. We laughed about how their engagement session was on on of the windiest days in 2023, and we were worried about having to fight the wind on their wedding day. I'm excited to say that the wind was mild, the sun kept us warm, and we narrowly missed the arctic cold front that rolled in the next morning. It truly felt like the day was perfectly made for them.

Amy and Martin have a unique love story. They met while thousands of miles apart, thanks to a mutual friend. Martin was living in Denmark, while Amy grew up here in Texas. Their conversations started during the 2020 shut down, and that allowed them to grow close and get to know each other on a deep level early on.

While we were taking their portraits we were trying to decide what all areas of the giant parish campus we wanted to use for photos. As you can imagine, wearing heels with a heavy wedding dress can become exhausting. I tend to check in pretty regularly with my couples to see if they are still comfortable or need to take a break. At one point we decided to not take pictures at "point A", but would instead stop at "point B". We laughed a little bit about making compromises in marriage and I remember Martin saying "We are used to making compromises. We come from two different cultures." (Amy's family is Mexican-American, while Martin is Danish.) It was something that resonated with me. I knew from personal experience that it won't always be easy, but those who take the time to immerse themselves into each other's cultures and are willing to find the middle ground, it can be a beautiful thing! It takes a little patience and grace. Their wedding day was a beautiful melting pot of their joining families, and I can see how much love and support they have behind them in this amazing journey!

St. William Catholic Church Round Rock
St. William Catholic Church Round Rock
St. William Catholic Church Round Rock
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groom portrait
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