Artful speakeasy wedding portraits.

Veronica and Gabe had one of the more unique, unconventional, and beautiful weddings days that I have had the pleasure of photographing. This speakeasy style bar was tucked way behind a drive-in movie theater in Buda, TX, which is equally as awesome, and it gave us that 1920s glamour. Mixed with their dark, and dare I say sultry, wedding attire it was a seamless match for me. It gave depth, mystery, attitude, almost like it was a forbidden romance. I LOVED every minute of it. And best of all, it spoke to THEM. It was totally their vibe and you could tell they felt comfortable and confident in that space.

Another moment that made this day unique was that they surprised his parents with their wedding ceremony at home before we came to this location. For their vows they pulled meaningful lyrics from love songs out of a bag and read them to each other. As a true music lover myself I thought it was ingenious and was poetic and beautiful (probably more so than anything I could have written). This is a day that I will hold special in my heart, for so many reasons, for a long time.

*In loving memory of Gabby

couples hands holding door handle
1920s vintage car
twenties crystal chandelier
mobster storage crates
cocktail glasses clinking
man flirting with woman at bar
couple kissing at speakeasy bar
speakeasy wedding theme
speakeasy engagement photos
1920s wedding photos
speakeasy photoshoot
black and white wedding portrait
moody wedding portrait
man serenading woman with grand piano
newlywed couple performing at speakeasy bar