A Wildflower Barn Wedding

I knew this day would be one for the books the moment Morgan asked me to be their wedding photographer! Not only because it was a chance to photograph my own family member's wedding, but because I knew she was about to plan something epically beautiful. And boy did she ever! The Wildflower Barn was basically built with photography in mind and their ivy and creme color scheme blended into the ambiance seamlessly.

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing their engagement photos this past year at the iconic Austin staple that is Laguna Gloria. During their session I remember Warren saying "its hard being serious, all the guys in engagement photos look so serious", to which I replied; "You don't have to be serious. Just be you. If you feel like laughing, PLEASE DO!" If you have ever met Warren you would know he is a ray of positivity and laughter. I absolutely love photos of couples laughing together. I do my best to capture both the romantic, and playful love that most of my couples share together, and once they got comfortable we captured they dynamic of their love beautifully.

Once we got to the wedding day they were pros at posing. It was a fast moving day but we were able to plan every moment of the day to capture every detail that I know Morgan meticulously picked for their big day. One big lesson I learned that day... its hard to photograph while you are crying. Haha. They got me a few times throughout the day, between the beautifully written vows and singing to each other during their first dance I had to take a few pauses to wipe the tears from my eyes. I am beyond honored that they chose me to capture their amazing wedding day. And I am also very grateful to have them as in-laws!


golden frame wedding sign
wedding dress hanging on a tree
tule wedding dress hanging on cedar tree
diamond earrings on ivy stem
ankle white cowboy boots for wedding
wedding rings in succulent
wedding rings on metal table
bride looking in mirror
bride and mom looking in mirror
bridal portrait
boho bridal portrait
bridal portrait with eucalyptus bouquet
bride and bridesmaids portrait
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