A rustic greenhouse proposal.

Every time I am asked to photograph a proposal at the Sekrit Theater, I get excited! As a photographer, there is nothing more exhilarating than being part of such a momentous occasion in a couple's life. The anticipation and thrill of capturing raw emotions in real-time makes me feel like some sort of adventure/adrenaline photographer. Haha

The Sekrit Theater itself adds an extra layer of charm and uniqueness to this unforgettable moment. Whether it's the rustic greenhouse wrapped in vines, a teal vintage Ford truck, or the converted school buss with a 70s vibe, every corner of the venue gives a delightful backdrop for the couple's unfolding love story.

In this particular instance, I was hiding around the corner of a building like a paparazzi trying to catch a celebrity leaving their house. I let Makayla and Evan's family wait in the small, air conditioned building just across the greenhouse doors so they could get a good view of the proposal without being seen. That second wave of happiness, when the "proposee" realizes their family is there to congratulate them on getting engaged is always so sweet.

The good news for photographers who are photographing a proposal is that once the proposal starts, and the person being proposed to realizes their partner is about to get down on one knee, everything else around them doesn't matter. The second I see them take a knee I am running out from my hiding, snapping sticks and crunching leaves as I click away to get that shocked reactions, smiles, hugs, and sometimes even tears.

Makayla's reaction was so cute. Evan got down on one knee as her back was facing him. When she turned around and saw him, its like she froze in time. She soaked up the moment, trying not to cry, and gently nodded her head yes. And this is exactly why I love capturing these moments.

Sekrit Theater proposal
proposal in Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas proposal at the Sekrit Theater
couple kissing in greenhouse
proposal surprised by family
family surprising proposal couple
proposal bride showing ring to mom
couple standing under tree with lanterns
couple model pose
flirty engagement couple pose
couple standing under golden lantern
couple sitting on front porch
couple standing on New Orleans style porch
couple in rustic greenhouse
greenhouse doors at Sekrit Theater