A Yonder's Point spring engagement session

My photography sessions are about 90% outdoors. With so many incredible and scenic locations all around Austin and the central Texas area, there is always a perfect location for photos that you don't have to travel too far to typically. Yonder's Point is one of those hidden gems that gives you trees, water, flowers, and a beautiful bridge. But every so often, nature doesn't cooperate with our plans!

During the engagement session with Amy and Martin, we started getting bombarded with big gusts of wind. The gusts got bigger as the session went on. We found ways around it, and took pauses to let the wind settle down. I think we still got beautiful and romantic moments despite of the not-so-ideal weather conditions, and we certainly got some laughs out of it in the moment. They were both such good sports about it.

I'm looking forward to their wedding day next year, and I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather will be on our side that day!

couple cuddling on park bench
couple portrait in park on park bench
couple walking through park
engagement photo of couple hugging and laughing
engagement photo couple holding hands walking
black and white couple holding hands engagement rings
black and white couple dancing under tree
couple dancing under tree in park
couple standing on bridge
couple kissing on bridge under tree
couple cuddling on bridge
engagement photos in flowes
couple laughing in flowers
man handing woman flower
couple holding pink flower