A wildflower field engagement.

Madison and Andrew were beyond adorable during their engagement session! They were so natural in front of the camera and fell into being loving and affectionate so easily. It's not at all uncommon for anyone to need a little time to get into a photo flow. I remind my clients regularly that it may feel awkward for the first 20 minutes of a session, but by the end of it they will feel like a total pro at posing.

Towards the end of the session with Madison and Andrew I asked if they had taken professional photos together before, and was actually shocked when they said they hadn't. It makes me even more excited to see what beautiful moments we will be able to capture on their wedding day this fall!!

close up of engagement ring on hands
man hugging his fiancé
couple flirting on country fence
couple standing in wildflower field
couple touching noses in flowers
close up of couple kissing at golden hour
couple walking through field
couple walking past a grassy field
women leading man through field
couple hugging in forest engagement session
couple in forest walking trail
golden hour engagement photo flower field
couple holding hands
young couple holding hands in front of yellow flowers
engagement ring on shoulder