I'm so exited to introduce my blog for everything Sierra Marie Photography! Where I will feature SMP couples and weddings, as well as fill you in on what I've been up to in my personal life and photography achievements.

Let me start with an introduction. My name is Sierra Nichols and I have lived in Texas for about 6 years between Houston and Austin. I have a phenomenal boyfriend, Michael, and two tiny fur babies, Bambi & Lucille. (I will be debuting pictures with all of them in the near future)

I started my photography journey years ago, but really took it to the next level during quarantine in 2020. Like many stuck inside during that time, I wanted to utilize that time with trying new hobbies and taking online courses. That is when I dove head first into everything photography.

Since the world was still closed at that time I decided to get my feet wet in real estate photography. It not only satisfied my reenergized love for photography, but

also gave me a chance to out beautiful homes on the Austin market. Because yes, I am one of those people that walk past a home and think "Ooo, I wonder what that house looks like inside?" and then spend time on Zillow looking at homes I will never be able to afford in this lifetime. Anyone else?... just me? haha.

After restrictions started lifting I was so ready to interact with other humans again. For those who have done sessions with me, I like to get down to business, but I also love to chit chat! So I decided to start seeing what the portrait side of photography was like, and oh my gosh, I loved it! I loved the creativity, the social interactions, and the joy! When I started photography I did not realize that I would be a part of people's greatest moments. Their engagements, birthdays, gender reveals, weddings, and other amazing milestones. I am surrounded by happiness and love in this job and my goodness it is infectious! I am so grateful for how photography has lifted my spirits and allowed me to be witness to so much beauty in life.

Well... that's a pretty good start to a blog, right? On my conclusion I will leave you with a big ol' thank you to everyone that has entrusted me to photograph their spacial moments and helping me become a full time photographer. And for those I have yet to meet, I hope I can someday. Getting to do what I love everyday is such a blessing! Here are a few of my favorites form this past year, and maybe some will have their own featured posts in the future!