A Romantic Engagement | Laguna Gloria

Morgan and Warren started dating back in December of 2019. There are a lot of opinions surrounding date apps, even Warren thought he was done with the dating app scene, until he saw a notification on his phone from one he didn't even realize was still active. And to his pleasant surprise it was Morgan taking a chance and reaching out to him! A cute coffee date at Lampost Coffee later, and they were inseparable from that moment on. (And due to the pandemic that following year, they were able to grow even closer during quarantine.)

Over a year later, Morgan and Warren knew they wanted to share this love for the rest of their lives. While on a trip with friends in Corpus Christi, Warren surprised her with a beautifully intimate proposal at the South Texas Botanical Garden. (Which being a huge fan of botanical gardens myself, I didn't even have to see it in person to imagine how beautiful it must have been!)

"We visited all the animals there and started to walk the nature trail. There was an overlook facing this lake and as I was looking over the water at all the birds Warren calls my name. I turned around and he’s on one knee and asks to marry me. And with tears in my eyes of course I said yes!" - Morgan

They bond over their goofy personalities that play off of each other so well, and how much they both care for others. Morgan loves how Warren can make friends with anyone he interacts with, and how much he reminds her of his love for her with compliments and words of affirmation. Warren loves Morgan for her gorgeous smile, and how much work she puts into their relationship and their lives. (I remember while doing this session that Warren was so concerned about being serious in the photos because he has seen so many engagement photos where the guy just has his eyes closed most of the time. And although I did want to capture the romantic side of their relationship in some photos, I did want them to also feel like themselves. They make each other laugh all the time. So I was sure to let him know if he ever felt like laughing, to just let it out, because those will make for great photos that show who the two of them are together.)

"Not only has she been the best thing that has ever happened to me, I know I’ll continue to find things I love about her for as long as we may live this life." - Warren

* I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful, and undoubtably fun, wedding next year!! Thank you two for entrusting me in capturing some beautiful and timeless photos of the two of you for your engagement.

couples portrait
black and white couples portrait
couple walking
couple walking and laughing
couple standing in front of building
couple standing in front of white building
engagement ring on hand
couples portrait
couple being playful and laughing
black and white engagement ring on hand
couple touching noses
couple holding hands and looking at each other
engagement ring couples holding hands
couple sitting on vintage couch
couple sitting on blue couch in green and white room