A dreamy Driscoll Villa engagement.

I have had the amazing opportunity to photograph two wonderful couples at the beautiful Laguna Gloria and it has been magical both times. Being there brings out this elegant and romantic energy as if you were sipping wine in an Italian Country side garden. That might be an exaggeration, but it's peaceful and stunning no doubt!

Eliza and Nick brought the fire for their session! They are the perfect example of showcasing a classy and casual side to their engagement photos, which I encourage my couples to do. They arrived at Laguna Gloria looking sharp and flawless. Blending in seamlessly to the clean crisp lines of the architecture and pristine grounds. I mean, it looks like they own this villa as a vacation home, y'all.

Then we flipped the script with playful photos walking down the streets of east Austin. Stopping by bars, restaurants, and murals that they have created memories in over the years. Those personal touches add so much to the images we capture. They have deeper significance and personal stories to these images now. As a photographer who loves nothing more than to help share the emotions and story of your love, that is so heartwarming to me.

I can can not wait to see how breathtaking their wedding day is sure to be!!

Engagement photos at Laguna Gloria
engagement at Laguna Gloria
couple posing at Driscoll Villa in Laguna Gloria
couple embracing on villa patio
couple walking down villa courtyard
couple sitting on steps with fountain at Laguna Gloria
Austin Contemporary Museum villa
engagement session girl admiring fiance
couple snuggling on steps
close up on unique engagement ring
couple laughing on villa stoop
engagement couple holding hands
beautiful view of water from villa steps
Laguna Gloria iconic couch room
Laguna Gloria teal room