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Let me tell you a story about one of the most unique engagement sessions I have done to date! This is exactly why I like to suggest incorporating something meaningful into a couples' session, to give it that personal flair that feels like their experience was made for them.

Introducing Christin & Trent!

These two met all the way back in middle school at a football game. They may not have started dating till about 19 years later, but their friendship grew from that moment. That connection is part of what they love so much about each other. The kind of couple that play off of each other's quirks with no judgment.

"We are a goofy duo and that’s probably my favorite thing about us. We aren’t just an engaged couple but we truly are best friends and the best people for each other"

If you were to spend any amount of time with these two you would see that banter immediately! They kept me laughing all throughout their session.

The Session

I'm not going to lie to you, I was a little nervous when Christin reached out to me and asked if they could have their pictures taken on a boat. My first thought was of course "electronics and water don't mix", but after she explained the significance of being on the water, I knew it would be worth it!

See, Trent is a competitive bass fisherman, more accurately known as a semi-pro angler! They spend a lot of time together out on the bass boat. Trent even proposed to Christin on the boat by a beautiful waterfall. So it only made sense to include it in their engagement photos. Like, what an amazing and unique opportunity for photos! And of course Austin, Texas has so many beautiful rivers and lakes for stunning backdrops.

We took to Lake Travis early one cool October morning. Honestly, it was one of the few times I've ever seen someone load in a boat, so I just stood on the sidelines and watched with intrigue.

Once we got going, and I learned more about the boat, I may or may not have gotten more daring as the session went on. Bobbing, weaving, or leaning to get the shots we were looking for. I got to see them tease each other, laugh, and show each other affection so effortlessly. It very quickly felt as though I was hanging out with longtime friends. They have such a fun and welcoming presence when you are around them. We were able to get very fun and creative with these boat themed shots.

This shot was a memorable one for me, and I'll tell you why! Trent mentioned there was an older covered dock that they had always liked the look of and thought it would be nice to get some pictures sitting on it. Of course I agreed, look how cute this photo is! The plan was for me to stay on the boat while they sat on the dock so I could be directly in front of them and have some water between us. We got the boat up to the dock close enough for them to hop off, and then all of a sudden the boat quickly moves back. My heart skipped a little beat because I had never driven a boat and was not sure how to get back to them. I was looking around wondering how I got so far from them so quickly and how on earth to get back. Thats when Trent laughed and said he can control the smaller motor with his phone. Haha. I went from being panicked to impressed!

Needless to say, this is going to be a session that I will look back fondly on for a long time to come. Christin and Trent were an absolute joy to photograph and I look forward to an opportunity to see them again! If you are a photographer, I would highly recommend taking photos on a boat if you ever get a chance, and if you are someone looking to have engagement photos taken, don't be afraid to incorporate something meaningful to your relationship so you can have a truly personalized session!

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