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Megan & Austin | Engaged

A scenic surprise Austin proposal

I remember getting the email from Austin and how excited and nervous he was to plan this proposal. He knew he wanted it to be a somewhat secluded spot, but have the Austin skyline in the background. Lou Neff Point turned out to be the greatest stop to fulfill all of those wishes.

What was funny as well was that on my way to set myself up before they arrived, I actually walked right past them in the park near by. There is always a moment when a proposal in a public location is about to go down where the photographer and the proposer make eye contact and do a little nod to ensure they are there and ready for the moment. I love that moment! It's like the cue that gets my adrenaline running.

I'm happy to announce that Megan was in fact very surprised, and as you can see in their photos, they were nothing but smiles for their photos!

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