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Brooklyn & Luke | Engaged

A fall engagement session in McKenny Falls

Meet Brooklyn and Luke! This couple is so cute and playful with each other. Taking photos with a photographer in a busy outdoor location isn't always easy. Most couples don't spend their free time canoodling around bushed in public, so it may feel strange at first. Even more so if you are in a crowded place and feel like you have eyes on you. But I promise after about 15-20 min into your session the jitters will wash away, and you will feel like a pro at posing by the end of it.

We had to work around a bit of a crowd during this session, but we found a nice secluded spot to go over some posing tips and tricks. That way we were all able to continue with confidence into the busier section of the park and get the shots we were really wanting next to the water and cliffs. By the end we were getting creative and goofy shots that really resembled their fun relationship together!

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