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Brandi & Charles

Updated: Mar 22

A Romantic Country Wedding

Brandi & Charles' wedding was a beautiful joining of two families, and two cultures. The day took place at a romantic, yet rustic country location in the small town of New Berlin, TX. The ceremony, led by the bride and groom's mothers, featured both English and Spanish vows as well as wedding traditions from Mexico and the Dominican Republic. And in true Texan style, they even included the Grand March in their reception celebration. The day was a lovely blend of who they are together.

The two newlyweds are such a joy to be around. They are sweet, welcoming, and a genuine match. They met briefly in college and were lucky enough to reconnect years later through work, starting their new journey together. Their laughs, travels, and adventures will certainly fill their life together will so much joy.

Thank you Brandi & Charles for allowing me to be a part of this amazing day!

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